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Stech IoT Platform characteristics

• Sensing device expandability: The unique software architecture makes the system more flexible and robust allow user to expands different sensing device types at any time.

• Web Browser Base System: user can log into the system through desktop, laptop and mobile phone at anytime, anywhere, and respond to any unexpected situation in time.

• Graphical human-machine control interface: Users can easily get started and reduce human error.

• Support Websocket, HTTP, MQTT, Modbus

PY Stech IoT Presentation (EN)

The benefits of Stech

• Monitor the status of device in real-time.

• Event notification to supervisor while device has the abnormal issue happening.

• Find out the abnormal info from the data of device to prevent the issue happening.

• Reduce the mistakes happen by manual and notify the happened issue instantly.

Stech Introduction Full (CN)

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